Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Animal Guides

Drawing my Animal Guides is something I have done for several years now, and has become a very popular reading my clients request. I have to say, it is one of my favorite readings to do for regular clients because the following year we discuss how those Animal Guides revealed themselves. I personally post pictures of my own Guides in my home and office so I can be reminded of the messages and lessons they have for me. I use a deck that is Out of Print and has 83 animals, some of these "animals" however are mythical and/or otherworldly creatures, such as Satyr and Unicorn. Without further ado... my Animal Guides for 2012 are Alligator, Kitsune, and Seahorse. A very interesting combination.

In a nutshell Seahorse speaks of relationships with a strong father or father figure. So I will be working on my relationship with my own dad. There is room for improvement of course and this is something I have been thinking about of late. Seahorse also tells us to embrace our uniqueness. Sounds like permission to be my quirky self and too bad if someone doesn't like it. One aspect I'm loving is that Seahorse represent good luck (wonders if I should hit the casinos around here).

Kitsune is a very interesting "mythical" creature. It's basically a shape-shifting fox with multiple tails. They are mentioned in Asian stories. Somewhat similar to a fox in that they are cunning, mischievous, and clever. But they have supernatural powers. Some stories say they can be almost evil, in others they are good, but whichever they do keep their word. This one is going to require some more reflection on my part to really see the lessons and messages. You will notice my profile picture is a white (good) Kitsune.

Lastly is Alligator. Alligator is primal and full of ancient wisdom. Just look at how they still resemble their ancestors from so long ago. Looks like I'll be studying to dig up that knowledge. They have a messages of concealing emotions as well as survival. I am looking forward to working with these animals and seeing how they mesh together.

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