Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Animal Magnetism, How to Attract Animal Energies.

All animals have certain properties and meanings, some signal prosperity, others courage, more still healing. If you feel you are in need of a certain trait or need to manifest something specific in your life first see what animals represent those qualities and energies. Then, work to attract that animal energy to you.  You can call upon several animals at a time, or concentrate on just one. Keep in mind each animal has more than one “meaning” depending on your personal experiences, if any, with that animal and also each culture may place different meanings on an animal. There are many sources to find the meanings of animals, and what areas of life they can affect. Two well known authors are Steven D. Farmer and Ted Andrews. Another way to find the animals you may need to work with in your life is to have an Animal Guide reading done.

An easy way to attract the animal you want is to meditate about that animal every evening before bed. Picture it’s actions throughout the day, how it hunts, plays, how it interacts. Make sure to ask for that animal to visit you in your dreams. You’ll be surprised how if you put that request out there the animals will visit. Make sure to have paper and pen on your nightstand so you can write down notes about your dream with your desired animal or other animals. Those animals likely have a message for you too.
Anything that can get that animal into your thoughts is helpful, such as watching a documentary about the animal. See what you can learn from their day to day activities, how they cope with problems, how they raise their young. If you find You Tube videos those can be useful, generally they are going to show you the humorous side to an animal however.

One of my favorite ways to bring animal energy in is to make a collage of pictures on a large poster board and hang it where I will see it constantly. I do this for my yearly animal guides after I do my Animal Guide reading on New Years.  Look for other knick-knacks of your animals, such as statues, gemstone carvings, pictures, photos, and books. The internet is a great source for free pictures.

To bring that energy to you all the time, seek out jewelry with that animal drawn or carved on it. If it is an animal you feel strongly about, and have for a while, or that you really connect to, consider a tattoo. Something a little less permanent, but still a way for the animal energies to be part of you would be a henna tattoo.

Another way to attract those energies is to be in the presence of that animal. One of the easiest and most direct ways to attract animal energy to your life is to get that animal as a pet. This is pretty easy if you are thinking of a cat or dog, some lizards and snakes, small caged animals like a rat or ferret, or one of a few types of birds. This is impractical if you want the energies of an elephant or cougar. You can however be in that animal’s habitat. This is easy if it’s an animal native and plentiful to the area. If I wanted to be around duck or goose energy heading over to Loose Park would do the trick. In our neighborhood are deer, owls, squirrels, and raccoons that I encounter almost daily. Other ways would be travel to where you can find your animal. A safari to Africa would be great for seeing and “feeling” lions, gazelle, elephants, zebras and more. Even trips closer to home would have you finding elk, dolphins, pelicans, some types of lizards, snakes, just to name a few.  A zoo would be a place to see animals from faraway places if a trip isn’t in your budget. I would strongly suggest looking for a zoo that creates more of a natural habit for the animals versus just housing them. Our zoo here in Kansas City actually has a Polar Bear!

A more controversial way is to have part of that animal in your home or near you. For example a shark’s tooth necklace, a raccoon’s tail on a hat, rabbit skins on your dresser, antlers, or other actual animal parts. Try to find items sourced from animals that have passed naturally or that have been obtained humanely. Always remember to give thanks to the animal and spirits for the gift they are giving you, and to honor them.

Open yourself to the knowledge animals have to teach you. Not only taking note about the animals around all the time, but as discussed here, drawing animal energies to you for a specific need or purpose. If you have certain animal totems for a time period, or for a long-term situation such as a divorce, these animals are energies you will want to draw to you as well. Try some of these techniques to bring the animal energies you want to your life.  

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Super Bowl Tarot

Every year it seems some of the Tarot groups and sites I belong to like to have folks predict the winner of the Super Bowl. I never do, it seems silly to me. This year though, I thought what's wrong with silly and just doing it for fun? Nothing! I even started one of the threads this year. Tarot doesn't have to be serious all the time. This is a great exercise to gain more meaning and understanding from the cards. Plus if it turns out I'm good at this, maybe gain a little extra income!

Yesterday, before the games started I drew a card for each team still left in the playoffs. Based on the meanings of the cards I picked a winner for the American League and the National League. My prediction is the Green Bay Packers will take on the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl. I then reshuffled and drew a card for each of those teams.

Green Bay = The Hanged Man... this card is about sacrifice, letting go, pausing, stalling and waiting, can be about self-sabotage.
Baltimore = The Chariot... this card speaks of pushing forward, perseverance, self-confidence, focusing, and last, but certainly not least, winning.

So my pick for the winner is the Baltimore Ravens.

Guess we will see how it turns out through the playoffs and on the Super Bowl February 5th. GO RAVENS!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Better Choice!

So today I just must share about my favorite new store... Natural Grocers. One opened in Lawrence, KS just in the last couple of months and we visited there last night. It was our second visit. This is a fabulous alternative to Whole Foods (AKA Whole Paycheck).
Let's look at some specifics. First, the prices. They are amazing! For example we get CocoVita Pineapple coconut water at Whole Foods, which is $3.19, at Natural Grocers it's $2.65. That is NOT a sale price. The "blue tube" of Boiron homeopathic remedies are over $1.00 less at Natural Grocers. Basically anything I compared was significantly less expensive at Natural Grocers. The bulk foods section, frozen foods, anything we normally get at Whole Foods is less expensive here.
Produce is an interesting comparison. First thing is that Natural Grocers pride themselves in the fact that ALL of their fresh produce is ORGANIC. This is NOT the case at Whole Foods. They have actually moved away from that in the last several years. Another thing about Natural Foods is that 90% or so of the produce is grown in the USA. The downside because of this however is that the selection is much smaller. Part of that is that there isn't a lot of the pre-cut fruit and veggie mixes and box after box of the same type of apple.
The biggest drawback is the lack of fresh meat or seafood. All of the meat & seafood is in the freezer case. So for fresh meat it's still Whole Foods or another place that has natural meats, or Co-op/CSA with a rancher.
The vitamin, herb, and supplement section in this store is just fantastic. The price, the selection, and the organization are all superior to Whole Foods. The sales on products is fabulous. Just picked up a Garden of Life's Perfect Cleanse for under $14.00. Retail on this around $20.00. I spoke with CJ, the vitamin manager and he is very friendly and knowledgable. This section is located next to the Body Care section in the store which is equally as wonderful. Again, there is a large selection and great prices.
The frozen section, however does have just as good a selection of products. The bulk section isn't quite as large, but close. They have a smaller selection of prepared foods, but it is a nice selection in a few cases labeled "grab and go" near the front of the store. We found the staff friendly and helpful on both visits.
So is going to Lawrence, if you live in the KC area, worth it to save some money? Well, that depends on how much you buy and what else you might do there. Lawrence is a very fun place, fabulous restaurants... that could be another blog all by itself, cute and interesting local shopping. You must visit Downtown/Massachusetts Street if nothing else. That is where most of the coolest shops and eateries are. So for us the answer is a resounding YES!
Here is the link to the Natural Grocers in Lawrence;
Happy eating,

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Animal Guides

Drawing my Animal Guides is something I have done for several years now, and has become a very popular reading my clients request. I have to say, it is one of my favorite readings to do for regular clients because the following year we discuss how those Animal Guides revealed themselves. I personally post pictures of my own Guides in my home and office so I can be reminded of the messages and lessons they have for me. I use a deck that is Out of Print and has 83 animals, some of these "animals" however are mythical and/or otherworldly creatures, such as Satyr and Unicorn. Without further ado... my Animal Guides for 2012 are Alligator, Kitsune, and Seahorse. A very interesting combination.

In a nutshell Seahorse speaks of relationships with a strong father or father figure. So I will be working on my relationship with my own dad. There is room for improvement of course and this is something I have been thinking about of late. Seahorse also tells us to embrace our uniqueness. Sounds like permission to be my quirky self and too bad if someone doesn't like it. One aspect I'm loving is that Seahorse represent good luck (wonders if I should hit the casinos around here).

Kitsune is a very interesting "mythical" creature. It's basically a shape-shifting fox with multiple tails. They are mentioned in Asian stories. Somewhat similar to a fox in that they are cunning, mischievous, and clever. But they have supernatural powers. Some stories say they can be almost evil, in others they are good, but whichever they do keep their word. This one is going to require some more reflection on my part to really see the lessons and messages. You will notice my profile picture is a white (good) Kitsune.

Lastly is Alligator. Alligator is primal and full of ancient wisdom. Just look at how they still resemble their ancestors from so long ago. Looks like I'll be studying to dig up that knowledge. They have a messages of concealing emotions as well as survival. I am looking forward to working with these animals and seeing how they mesh together.

If any of you are interested in a reading just email me at  or post on my Facebook wall ( and I will give you info on either an email or in-person reading.



Again, we begin the process of writing the observations of The Quest. The Quest of what? Life, health, tarot, animal guides, food, cats, metaphysical fairs, being lesbian, creating a Lenormand deck, really learning photography, people's behavior, and whatever strikes my fancy.

This will be a journal for me, and hopefully will be interesting, enlightening, spark something that will help you on your Quest, or at least be humorous for those who chose to read it. 

My goal for myself and anyone reading is to post at least weekly, but at times might be quite a lot more. Let's see if I can keep it up for the long haul. 

Thank you so much for joining me on my Quest...