Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Tarot, Pt. 2

For those that saw my post of a few weeks ago, you will notice that the 2 teams the tarot reading clearly "picked" for the Super Bowl are not in the Super Bowl.
I did that reading when there were 8 teams in the running. Tonight I did another reading picking the winner between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Obviously this is just for fun. I used the Llewellyn Tarot for this reading.
I drew three cards for each team: Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. For the Offense on the Patriots side is the Queen of Pentacles. They get what they want, they are self-made, so they are relying on there own ability and are very steady under pressure. I can see a good number of points from them. The Giants card isn't as great; the 5 of Pentacles. They are going to need a lot of help, from the coaching staff, "mess ups" from the other team, etc. Also maybe an injury of an offensive player might happen. I see the Patriots winning on the Offensive front.
Let's look at the defense card for the Patriots next. I drew the 9 of Wands. They are prepared to guard. The have really studied for this game. I think they have a definite plan they will be able to execute. The Giants got the 6 of Cups. The defense will have good teamwork, and will try to rely on plays that have worked in the past, but may not be able to think outside the box very well. I think this is a more of a toss up, but I'm giving the edge to the Patriots.
I did a card draw for the Special Teams as well. The Patriots card is the 4 of Wands. I think they might have some things to celebrate. I also think they night not get as much field time as the Giants. The Giants card is the 5 of Swords. This card can be about loss, sorrow but also can be about a victory at a price. The Giants may have a Special Teams player suffer an injury. I'm giving this one to the Patriots as well.
So all in all, I see the Patriots as the winners on all fronts... GO PATS!!